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Practical Badger Solutions offers clients a focused service that results in practical, solution focused outcomes to the challenges presented by wild badgers.   

We began working with badgers a decade before the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, undertaking fieldwork and interpreting results. Our client base includes public, private and voluntary sectors.  To this day our badger work ranges from garden damage situations to artificial sett constructions that maintain and sometimes contain badgers on site.

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Badgers are protected because they have been (and are still) persecuted. They are not endangered due to low numbers, far from it, but they have been the subject of cruelty.  Legal protection extends to their living space (underground tunnel systems known as ‘setts’).  The law does allow for certain licensed operations as solutions for situations where badgers have dug setts in 'the wrong place’ or are damaging infrastructure.



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Badger field surveys

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Badgers and Development

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Badger TB vaccination

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